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On the occasion of the OPEN DAY, held on Saturday 4 March 2023, the Pontificio Collegio Urbano welcomed two communities, the French Pontifical Seminary and the Sri Lankan Community in Rome for this traditional cultural event.

The day began with a warm welcome for our guests who came from these colleges and embassies to experience this joyful moment which had not been celebrated for four years because of the pandemic. Some of us witnessed this event for the first time.

The program began with Holy Mass, presided over by Fr Olivier De Rubercy, Rector of the French Pontifical Seminary, together with Fr Armando Nugnes, Rector of the Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide College, the formators of our community and some Sri Lankan priests belonging to different religious communities in Rome. The congregation was formed by the seminarians of the Collegio Urbano and the French Pontifical Seminary, as well as the Sri Lankan community.

During the homily, the celebrant exhorted us to take advantage of the opportunity to exchange cultural experience even if time is short. After Mass we walked to the Aula Magna, for the cultural programme which included dances, theater and music.

This programme started with the parade of the flags of the various countries present in the College, which manifests what we are a multicultural community. Our Rector then took the floor and welcomed everyone, inviting them to savor the beauty of diversity and the mutual enrichment that arises from it. A brief history and general reality of the Collegio Urbano was then presented by video. Subsequently, a group of seminarians from central Africa presented a song of praise to God who had gathered us together. Afterwards, a representative of the French College gave a brief overview of the history and current life of the college and the formation community. The Sri Lankan community presented a video about their land and  people, followed by a typical song and dance. Finally, the Indian seminarians presented an Indian dance with nuances from various regions of India.

After the cultural programme, we were able to taste delicious food from different countries, prepared by the Collegio Urbano seminarians.

It was a moment of great celebration and joy that involved everyone, from seminarians to formators and collaborators of the College. All committed themselves, with great generosity, for the success of this occasion. Each national group had the opportunity to present their cultural, so that we could recognize the diversity which is the beauty of our College. The joy of expressing and transmitting one's roots, origins, and identity, is incomparable.

The day ended with the prayer of the Angelus.


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