Study in service: A new Doctor at the Pontificio Collegio Urbano

Collegio Urbano De Propaganda Fide - Studio nel servizio: Un nuovo Dottore al Pontificio Collegio Urbano

Brilliant defense by Don Joby KUNNATHETTU

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On 8th March 2023 Rev. Don Joby Kunnathettu, Vice-Rector of the Pontificio Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide successfully defended his doctorate thesis entitled: Resilience Beyond Trauma: Dealing with the Marital bereavement experiences in the context of Kerala familial and social structure, at the pretigious Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome, known also as the Angelicum University.

The session began at 13:00, in the presence of the moderator Prof. Antonio Urso, Prof. Sr. Helen Alford OP, Dean and president of the evaluation committee, and Prof. Luigi Troiani, censor.  The Collegio Urbano Rector, Don Armando Nugnes, several formators, seminarians, colleagues from his own home diocese, as well as many other guests were present.

The meeting started with a clear and detailed presentation by don Joby of the main arguments of his thesis and the conclusions of his research. Then he replied in a competent way to the questions and observations of the evaluating committee, and even from some of those present. Subsequently, the committee left the hall for their private deliberation to return after some time and announce that they have approved the confering of the title of Doctor of Social Sciences to don Joby Kunnathettu, upon publication of his research. This was an announcement of great joy and satisfaction to don Joby and all of us present. It is pertinent to point out that don Joby carried out his research while offering a generous, sincere, and humble service as Vice Rector of the Collegio Urbano.

The seminary community joyfully celebrated this important achievement in the vocational journey of don Joby during a moderately festive supper, this being the period of lent. Combining study and service so well is an example to imitate, underlined Don Armando Nugnes expressing to the new Doctor the affection and gratitude of the whole Collegio Urbano family.


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